wilderness survival training

Wilderness Survival Training – Video

Wilderness Survival Training – Video


We made a small compilation of Wilderness Survival Training videos that some day will help you find your bearings in the wilderness or even save your life.


This wilderness survival training video has been filmed mostly on Gower peninsular in southwest Wales. This beautiful rugged peninsular was designated Britain’s first area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) in 1956. The Area covers 188 sq Km with a coastline of 59 Km. Its complex geological formation has created a diverse range of terrain, condensed into a relatively small area.The South coast of Gower is predominantly carboniferous limestone which has formed into spectacular cliffs and sandy bays, popular with Rock climbers and surfers. The north coast is dominated by salt marshes and sand dunes, which support a range of flora and fauna to rival any in the UK.

He travel to the Wildlands non-operating Park to do a bushcraft backpacking solo overnight with his new bushcraft backpack. Designed for me by the Canadian company YNOT.
He hiked in for about 5 hours, while testing the new pack, he find a secluded lake, set up camp, cut firewood, explore, cook supper, and spend a very enjoyable night alone in the woods.


Simply click the moment that you want to watch
2:18 starting to build the shelter
8:20 starting to work on friction fire
18:30 catching tinder bundle on fire
22:26 starting to cook food
27:52 Warning
31:20 Midnight bread cooking
36:55 Mushroom tea in early morning
37:30 Why I’m so obsessed with friction fire

Learn how to survive as they walk you through the steps they took on a week long primitive survival outing. I know its long, but it is packed with cool skills. Skills shown are shelter, primitive coconut opening, gathering food, friction fire from Bamboo, basket weaving and traps, primitive spearfishing, rope making, bamboo fish trap, diving deep for conch, mongoose trapping, bamboo cooking, snail roast and clay baking.

Ever since TV shows like Survivor Man and Man vs Wild took to the airwaves there has been a surge of interest in wilderness survival. Although most of us will never find ourselves in such situations, it doesn’t stop people from dreaming. Who wouldn’t want to go on an expedition through the jungle and live to talk about it? And then there’s the conspiracy theorists who think that the nuclear holocaust is going to happen at any moment and they need to stock up on toilet paper. Whatever your position, survival is built into our genes and we will try to do it at any cost. Surely your body is capable of far more than you think, just take a look at these 25 unbelievable facts about the human body. In all likelihood you could go for weeks without food or sleep. You could break numerous bones, lose a limb, and still keep on moving. What you’ll realize after reading through this list is that survival isn’t just about what you know, because much of what you know might be wrong. It’s more about your will to live and pure old fashioned common sense. So whether you are a survivalist or just a dreamer, these are 25 survival myths that could actually hurt you.

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