Top 3 Hiking Trails around Barcelona

If you’re eager to get off the beaten track and explore beautiful Barcelona in an unconventional manner, you have unquestionably considered hiking around the metropolis. Immersing in the stunning nature surrounding the city is a unique experience. Catalonia is the land of wilderness and untouched environment that is worthy of exploring. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the ever-moving city is always welcome, and catching a breath of fresh air sounds like a luxury. So, we’ve assembled three hiking trails you should factor in when planning your trip to Barcelona. A little adventure never hurt anyone!
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Top 3 Hiking Trails around Barcelona

1. Montserrat

From Barcelona, by taking the train, you’ll reach Montserrat. The Montserrat Abbey is recognized as a major tourist draw outside of Barcelona. And the mountain isn’t visited solely due to the presence of the religious sanctuary, but its position provides stunning, breathtaking landscapes over Catalonia. The Sant Jeroni hike will take you nearly five hours or so and, as you leave behind the monastery, you immerse yourself in the natural surroundings that construct Montserrat’s uniqueness.
The landscape is nothing less than spectacular, and it will leave you breathless, staring at Mother Nature’s beauty in awe. As Sant Jeroni’s altitude is 1,236 meters, you’ll get the chance to relish a 360 degrees views expanding all the way to Barcelona and its surroundings – undoubtedly a hiking trail you shouldn’t miss.


2. Vall de Nuria

Vall de Nuria is a mountain resort that incorporates some of the Pyrenes main features – stunning landscapes and wealth of nature. You can enjoy variety regarding hiking trails as well. The hiking trails up to Vall de Nuria account for memorable experiences for every nature enthusiast. If you wish to visit the mountain in a day and want to return to Barcelona by evening, you should set out as soon as the sun is up, the train trip to Barcelona and back is four hours to arrive, and four hours to return, or maybe less. It might be a bit tiresome, so, alternatively you may book a night in Vall de Nuria.

3. Collserola Park

Collserola Park is a protected area, being located at only 10 minutes distance from Barcelona’s city center. It’s the perfect getaway from the crowded city, and it provides hiking possibilities especially for beginners. The Tibidabo peak has an altitude of 521 meters. You’ll be relishing the fauna, flora and breathtaking views of the city reaching the sea, which are characteristic features accounting for Collserola Park’s charm.

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