Surviving the wilderness

Surviving the Wilderness – 7 Tips That Will Help You

I don’t know about you but personally speaking, I love to get lost once in a while. The danger of the unpredictable thrills me in a weird way. But getting lost does come at a price if you are not prepared. Now, you must be wondering how one prepares for the unexpected in terms of goods and handy objects. No, what I mean is you must be prepared in knowledge of surviving the wilderness and coming out the other side, unharmed and a winner.

Surviving the wilderness

Here is what you need to know about surviving the wilderness:

1. Bring on the positive vibes
Let’s get one thing straight. You aren’t going anywhere or winning anything with a negative attitude. You need to pull yourself together and believe you are going to get through this.

2. Don’t stress it
If you stress too much, you could have a nervous breakdown and soon become breakfast for the wildlife. Keep your head clear and stay alert. Focus, speed and good reflexes; these are three things that will keep you alive. You will need to make fast decisions and probably do things for the first time. And quitting is not an option.

3. The tool to fight the dark
Fire is the very basic survival need and not very hard to make. You should know how to make a fire and where to make it. You can’t fight what you can’t see and the eyes are useless without light.


4. Thirst quencher
You need aqua to survive and you should be able to find clean water to drink.

5. A roof for your head
No, you don’t need to be a builder for this. Just smart enough to be able to make a shelter for yourself to save you from the downpours and other things that come and go in the wild.

6. Tummy fillers
You can’t live on water forever. You will need food and will need to find it on your own. If you can hunt than I bow down to you. Otherwise, there are always fruits, veggies and leaves. And if you have a taste for bugs, there are those too.

7. Plan ahead
Hey, you have watched movies where people get stranded on islands and far off beached. Well, take notes. Come up with a plan to get attention of any planes or anything else that involves humans really. Smoke alarms, flare guns, big pole flags or any other thing you can come up with. Be ready at all time because the window to get attention might be small.
These are the very basic things you will need to survive the wilderness. But always have a backup plan. Make sure you tell someone where you are going and how long you will be so that they can come find you in case you need help.

And always, tiny tools or pocket knives will keep you safe and come in handy so be armed. That’s all for now. Be prepared and don’t be afraid. Also, something like this will be a great story to tell someday!

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