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6 Helpful Military Life Hacks That Are Worth To Know


Here are some helpful military life hacks that soldiers use that are definitely worth to know. I found this amazing tips on Quora and I thought they would be great help for my readers. 

Helpful Military Life Hacks That Are Worth To Know

  • Mag Lights.

Take the lens cap off your Mag Light flashlight to expose the light bulb.  Use the wrist strap to loop it over a bar or branch.  The light will stay on until you put the cap back on.  It will be a great lamp in your tent.

  • Handy wipes.

Bring single use handy wipes to your next outdoor survival adventure.  The new versions are biodegradable and are a lot smoother on the skin then the regular toilet paper provided at camping sites.

  • Cotton balls.

Take a small jar of Vaseline and handful of cotton balls.  Mix them together in a zip lock bag.  The cotton balls will be great to start a campfire.  The petroleum will hold the flame long enough for you to get your fire going.


  • Packing.

Pack each group of clothes in a zip lock bag.  Remove all the air from the bag.  This will help use the space in your bag more efficiently and keep everything dry.  It’s great for hiking trips because it also helps to stack your cloths, so that your hiking pack stays high on your back.

  • Binder clips.

Binder clips keep trail maps from flying away while hiking.  The loops are perfect for hanging on your hiking gear so the papers will stay off the muddy ground but still be available when you need them. Also great for securing tent flaps.

  • First Aid.

This is only for extreme emergency when you’re not near hospitals.  Use powdered sugar or sugar paste to cover the open wound.  Bacteria can’t exist in a pure sugar environment.



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