camping on a budget

Camping on a Budget? No Problem!

The outdoors, the lush greenery, the cold nights and the adventurous energy floating around all excites me so much, I can hardly manage to gather words with all this adrenaline rush. The bonfire is the highlight of my camping experience. Watching the fire crackle and roar while I roast marshmallows and snuggle up in a blanket, welcoming the warmth hitting my face. See what I told you about excited?

Camping on a budget

camping on a budget

Camping is usually one of the cheaper activities to do with family but if you are on a slightly small budget and do not want to disappoint the kids, then fret not, there are ways to cut costs on a camping trip. So behold, here are 7 secrets for camping on a budget:

1. Get your thrifty out
Ask family or friends whether they have some camping gear lying around they no longer use or can spare for a weekend. If you can’t, then hit the thrift stores or online shopping could probably fetch you good prices.

2.‘Get away’ not ‘get too far away’
Don’t even get me started on the ever-soaring gas prices. What is imperative about a camping is the whole experience so choose a location not very far from home. You don’t necessarily need to drive a 100 miles to a camp site. You can save significantly on gas by picking a location close-by.


3. Makeshift

A yoga mat lying around at home will serve the purpose of an expensive sleeping pad. Be smart and dig out some stuff from the house. You’ll be surprised how many things you will find.

4. Go green while out in the green
Power batteries will be the end of us someday. Not the planet, I mean the end of our money. Instead of packing up 2 dozen batteries, get a solar lantern. Keep the lantern out under the sun to harvest solar power and forget about the batteries. This can be used for all the camping trips to come!

5. Explore while you’re at it
Kids these days are too distant from the wilderness. Make a point to ban all mobile devices and look for activities to indulge in as a family. Go explore the woods, hike, collect flowers or anything else that it inexpensive. That was the original purpose of camping, by the way.

6. Prepare, prepare and prepare
Make sure you have everything you need and are ready and armed for any surprises that might hit you. Get the first aid box loaded so you don’t need to make a trip to pharmacies. Cover your wood with tarp, in case it rains and the woods are all soaked.

7. Keep it cool
You probably already got a cooler full of ice from home when you packed. Then you reached and put the cooler out under the sun. Oops! Make sure you place the cooler under the shade so that it will last longer.

There you go folks! If you think the trip still cost you more, then you can always resell the gear to make some money like a refund. With that said, I can feel the campsite calling me.
Happy camping on a budget y’all!

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  1. We bought and fixed up a popup last year and only got out once, but I’m so excited to make the most of it this year! I love looking for solar items and other things I can pick up along the way to prepare!

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