Book Review: The Ultimate Survival Manual

Whether you’re lost in the woods, facing an armed insurrection, or preparing for a hurricane, the experts at Outdoor Life magazine are the people you want on your side. This book is the one you need if you want to protect your family, save yourself, and prevail over any danger.

This is how they described this book on Amazon. I read positive and negative reviews before buying it, but I decided to give it a go after all. So, here are my thoughts.

The Ultimate Survival Manual: 333 Skills that Will Get You Out Alive

For something called the “Ultimate Survival Manual” I was expecting something more. Though there are some good tips in it, the book seems to be a very cursory overview of various survival situations. There were several things that I hope I will never need like: step-by-step pick a lock, how to lose a tail, or how to protect your face during a sandstorm… but nothing is really explained in detail. However, this has lots of amazing skills included and I believe it is a must read for any wanna-a-be survivalist. Something to start with.


The layout of this book was great. I really liked the comic book style survival stories, it was really unique to see and I think it helps the reader better understand how the people in those situations survived. I also loved how they used real photos. I read a ton of Survival Books and nothing irks me more when you see hand drawn diagrams. Sure with those you can get the basic gist, but you miss all the details that a color photograph can bring to the table.

About the Author
When it comes to survival, Rich Johnson’s done a lot of it. He’s worked as a demolition sergeant in the US Army Special Forces, a Coast Guard Auxiliary instructor, an EMT, a fire fighter, and a policeman. In his off hours, he’s excelled as an advanced SCUBA diver, paratrooper, sailor, and skier, and survived in the desert wilderness for a year with his wife and small children—part of which involved living in a cave and eating bugs. He’s written extensively for Outdoor Life and is the author of Rich Johnson’s Guide to Wilderness Survival.

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