Best Tips For Beginner Outdoor Survivalists

Best Tips For Beginner Outdoor Survivalists – Recommended by Reddit Survivalists

Even though we are trying to get you the best tips, we are after all just beginner outdoor survivalist. Because of that, I decided to ask Reddit community to help with their favorite tips for beginner outdoor survivalists.

Best Tips For Beginner Outdoor Survivalists – Recommended by Reddit Survivalists


  • Don’t get into any situation that you cant get yourself out of with what you have on you. The number of situations will increase for the same amount of gear with more study and practice.

  • Stuff leaves and grass into your clothing to provide better insulation from the cold.

  • Always sleep on an elevated surface, the ground will leech your body heat.

  • Boil any water you get from a natural source, unless you enjoy having diarrhea.

Boil Water

    • Making fire from scratch is no trivial task. It is FAR easier to ensure you always have reliable firestarting gear if you will be in a situation where you may need to start a fire, especially for a beginner outdoor survivalists. You will also have to know how to put out your fire.

    • Gear and packs are cool but knowledge is really where you should invest. Get a couple good books, watch some YouTube videos, take some classes. The more you can do with nothing the better off you are.

    • Make sure to always test your skills in a controlled environment. Survival training starts in the back yard. You don’t even need much space for starter stuff like fire and water techniques.Surviva ltraining starts in the back yard


    • Get your ass outside and practice; start by practicing your skills in a “safe” area like a state park/national forest just in sight of your car. Practice hiking on easy known trails, start a fire using the gear you have access to daily or in your BOB.

    • The best and cheapest tools you can own are knowledge/experience/calmness. Your state of mind is CRUCIAL to coping with any survival situation. Your first and all consuming thought must be “I’m going to get through this.” This statement will keep you alive.

    • Let someone know where exactly you are going and how long you intend to be there.

  •   Practice your craft first. Then increase the difficulty slowly.

Practice your craft

    • Grow potatoes at your little spot. They are so simple, take next to no looking after and provide a very filling food source after a few months.

    • Know your areas burning restrictions. You do not want to set the state park on fire.

    • Take up wilderness backpacking as a hobby. Nothing teaches you how to survive in the woods like surviving in the woods.

    • Remember the rule of three. Three hours without shelter in extreme conditions, three days without water and three weeks without food.

And one extra special tip:

Have fun! You have to truly enjoy it in order for it to be a skill worth having.

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