Camping Food Ideas

5 Best Camping Food Ideas

When we pack food for camping often we draw blank and pack cookies or some simple snacks… And when we get hungry, cookies are just not the answer. So we are bringing you our 5 best camping food ideas we think will help you have a good and healthy meal.

5 Best Camping Food Ideas

Camping Food Ideas

Basic guidelines for camping food

Don’t limit yourself to outdoor store’s collection of freeze-dried dinners. You’ll eat better if you fill your pack with food that meets a few basic criteria.

  1. Lightweight – this one is self-explanatory, not having a food increase the size of your already heavy outdoor backpack is a necessity. That’s why backpackers are in love with dehydrated food. Water is heavy so taking it out of the equation means lighter backpack.
  2. Nutritious food is important because you want your food to be rich in vitamins, minerals and calories. Even a small piece can up your energy levels.
  3. Quick, tasty and easy to prepare – after a whole day of hiking making a complicated and long dinner is not something you want.
  4. Long keeping – you want your food to last long and doesn’t have problems with heat, humidity and other elements that you may encounter in the wild.


  • Fresh Fruit, Granola, and Milk or Yogurt: this one is self-explanatory and requires minimal effort. fruit-and-nut-granola
  • Pancakes: an obvious breakfast choice, but also one of the most delicious! One of our favorite mixes is the Sprouted Grain, by Arrowhead Mills. Add a few eggs, oil, milk, and honey and you’re in for a real treat. You can also pick up a package of pancake mix that only requires adding water!




What is your ideal camping food you bring on your trips?

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