10 Treehouses That You Can Actually Stay In

10 Treehouses That You Can Actually Stay In

10 Treehouses That You Can Actually Stay In

Are you thinking about going on an adventure vacation but you are not good at adapting to harsh outdoor conditions? Insects, sleeping in a tent, building a fire, uncomfortable sleeping bags… All of that is holding you back from experiencing a cool camping trip? Just for you we have ten treehouses that you can actually stay in – the perfect mix of comfort and outdoor feeling you can have.

1. Secluded Intown Treehouse

Secluded Intown Treehouse

The suite of three beautifully furnished rooms set amongst the trees. Just minutes from downtown, this secluded property is an urban retreat like no other.

2. Treehouse in a Natural Park

treehouse in a Natural Park

The hut is at 3m of altitude and you have to cross a hanging bridge to come inside! Excellent views over SNevada.

3. Tree Sparrow House, Cornwall.

Tree Sparrow House, Cornwall.

Perched in an ash tree with sweeping sea and countryside views, this tree house accommodation offers a cozy and unique holiday adventure.

4. Rainforest Tree House w Hot Springs

Rainforest Tree House w Hot Springs

The Tree House Is charming, new and handcrafted at our 35 acre Bio Thermals rain forest reserve with natural hot and cool springs pools in the north-central Costa Rican heartland. This is authentic Costa Rica: clean, comfortable and close to nature.

5. Redwood Treehouse Santa Cruz Mtns.

Redwood Treehouse Santa Cruz Mtns.

A magical Redwood Treehouse located it the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. There is a live tree growing right through the main living area and another in the bathroom! It is simply incredible.

6. Aroma(n)tica TreehouseinMonferrato

Aroma(n)tica TreehouseinMonferrato

A wonderful suspended nest, an amazing panoramic view on the hills, among the fragrances of the linden trees and other aromatic herbs. A garden with solarium and a swimming pool (seasonal opening) surrounded by blooming peaceful nature.

7. Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano

Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano

This is a custom designed treehouse. The Jurassic attitude of the rainforest is preserved on the grounds. Kileuea volcanoes are in a spectacular phase just now. Views of the summit eruption are a five minute drive away. To see the rivers of lava, you drive into the park and down the mountain.

8.Tree house Gabrielle d’Estrees

Tree house Gabrielle d'Estrees

Gabrielle d’Estrées is a treehouse built on a 150 years old oak tree. It is located between the impressive Castle of Graville and the surrounding forest, in a quiet area over fields and woods.

9. Sunset Beach Treehouse Bungalow !!!

Sunset Beach Treehouse Bungalow !!!

Dwell in bliss like a local in north shore nirvana. The ultimate retreat for surfers, yogis and nature lovers, this jungle bungalow overlooks one of the most famous surf spots on the north shore. Climb up 80 steps winding through lush foliage……..

10. Enchanted Garden Treehouse

Enchanted Garden Treehouse (Amenity*)

Beautiful cedar treehouse set fifteen feet above a stunning waterfall and Koi pond.

What tree house would you choose for your vacation?

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