Tropical Survival – Rainforest Survival Guide

Sometimes people just want to go on adventure in the rainforest. Tropical survival in a rainforest can be really complicated and you have to be prepared both mentally and physically. To help you survive, you must carry great outdoor survival gear.

Tropical Survival – Rainforest Survival Guide

When it comes to tropical survival, the first thing you need to think about is food, shelter and water. You can find clean water in the rainforest but it is still important to carry water bottles. In addition, make sure that your kit is stuffed with ready made food like canned fruits, vegetables, bread and beans. Eat berries, fruits, vegetables and nuts with which you’re familiar to avoid the risk of accidental poisoning. Look for coconuts, squash, cucumber, cashews, peanuts and citrus fruits, all of which are plentiful in the Amazon. If you’re able to find fruit or catch fish from a lake or river, don’t hoard it, as it will attract wildlife and spoil quickly in the tropical heat and humidity.

The other essentials to carry in the surival kit includes loose and lightweight shirt and trouser, pair of boots and hat to protect your head. Keep your skin covered. Roll down your sleeves and cover your face as much as you can to avoid scratches and insect bites. Wear pants instead of shorts. Treat any wounds immediately and as properly as possible. Wear waterproof shoes or rubber jungle boots. If these aren’t available, wrap your feet in plastic bags before putting on your shoes. Never wear wet socks. Over time, chronic moisture can lead to tissue breakdown and leave feet vulnerable to fungus and other infections.

For safety, ensure you are carrying a pocket knife which can also be used for other jobs like cutting food into small pieces. A compass is an important gadget that helps to show the direction when you are lost. A GPS system will also help when one is lost in the rainforest. At night, do not forget to pack a powerful torch with spare batteries. Maybe the most important things you need to have with you in the rainforest is mosquito net and insect repellents to help one when asleep and avoid instances of contracting diseases transmitted by insects. Since injuries can occur any time, you must have a first aid equipment kit containing drugs, syringes and bandages.

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Tropical Survival Rainforest Gear Checklist


waterproof/breathable jacket
waterproof/breathable pants

Base Layer

long sleeve T-shirt
wool or fleece hat
midweight wool or fleece gloves


waterproof hiking boots
wool or synthetic socks (3)


rain hat


Internal or external frame backpack
three-season tent
down sleeping bag (10° to 40°F)
canister stove and fuel canisters
lighter and waterproof matches
eating utensils, bowl, and insulated mug
headlamp w/extra batteries and bulb
32 oz. water bottles (2)
water treatment (filter, tablets, or drops)
pocket knife or multitool
compass or GPS (and map)
first-aid kit with personal medications
insect repellent
bear-bagging rope (or canister)


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