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5 Outdoor Skills Everyone Should Know

Finding yourself stranded in the middle of the forest or any other unknown place in the wilderness, pulls out the basic survival outdoor skills you know. Just how much exactly you know about surviving is based upon your knowledge of such things. Preparing yourself and getting to know some basics may prove to be helpful for you one day, if not life saving as well.

Outdoor Skills

1. Knowing what to do first

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The first thing you should remember is the “Rule of threes”. It’s a simple scale of realizing what you need the most. Remember that a human can survive for:

3 minutes without air,

3 hours without a regulated body temperature (shelter) ,

3 days without water and

3 weeks without food.

So, first thing you ought to do is to find or make yourself a shelter, later on search for drinkable water and find food in the end.

2. Shelter

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The most important things about finding a shelter are the location, insulation and heat source. It is crucial to get to location away from possible dangers and hazards. Insulation plays an important part as well – make sure your shelter is protected from the wind, rain and a bit uplifted from the ground. In the end, choose your heat source by starting a campfire or putting some extra clothes on.

3. Water

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While in the wilderness, you may be lucky enough to be near some kind of water source. Springs, head-water streams or small rivers are an excellent water source. But, bear in mind that waters like these contain too many bacteria, viruses, minerals or metals which can be toxic for your body. The best method of purifying water is boiling it first. On the other hand, clean water available to drink right away is rain or morning dew on the leaves of trees.

4. Starting a fire

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Fire can be life-saving in so many ways. From allowing you to boil unclean water, keeping you warm to even cooking yourself some food. If you ever go on a road-trip or anywhere you can get stranded or lost, bring some matches or lighters with you. Without these fire-starting tools, the only way you could start a fire is by the friction method which can prove to be too exhausting way of starting a fire.

5. Food

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Having some knowledge about edible plants and berries is a helpful way of getting yourself some food. Recognizing which plants can be eaten without risking poisoning is one of the basic things people should know in general. The most important thing about knowing this is to be 100% sure. If you’re not sure if the plant is edible, rather don’t eat it.

Planing a trip can sometimes take too much time to think about getting lost in the wilderness so people often don’t think about it at all. Knowing some basics doesn’t take much time, but some day may prove to be life-saving. Take your time and get to know some of the outdoor skills and rest assured you can keep yourself live and well.

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