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Best Wilderness Survival Tactics

Imagine: you go out exploring the wild with a group of friends. You’re taking pictures, making jokes, having a great time and then all of sudden you see a shadow and start following it. You follow it deep into the woods without taking notice of how far you have come. You turn around to find yourself all alone. Okay, I’m pretty sure I saw that in a horror movie somewhere. If you got lost in the wild, I hardly think it will be this dramatic considering the serious lack of background music.

The point of the above mentioned was getting lost in the wild so let’s just stick with that. What do you do if you lose your way? You need a calm mind and a plan. The second part is most crucial. You can leave the hope of a miracle escape to the movies.

Here are the best wilderness survival tactics

It starts before you get lost. Make sure you have a map and really study the woods that you will be exploring. And carry the map with you. You can never be too careful.
Before you leave, tell someone where you are going (friends, neighbors or family) and when you will be returning. Give them an estimate so that they can report to the authorities in case you aren’t back.

Eat well before you start trekking.

I know you aren’t hoping to get lost but you have to be prepared for it. Bring the necessary survival gear along with you on your trek which includes some rope, a compass, anything to make a fire, water purifying tablets, knife or any similar tool. Also pack first aid and some medications. And don’t forget the map!

A mobile mode of communication to reach help is essential. A radio or a cellphone will do.


This is what you are supposed to do BEFORE you are lost. Here is what you do after:

You are lost. First thing is to keep yourself compose and don’t let the panic get the better of you.
If you are with a group or somebody knows where you are or you have a reached a rescuer, then just stay where you are. Staggering around trying to find your way will only drain you of your energy. Choose a nice shady tree and wait for somebody to come find you.

Build yourself a fire. It will keep your warm and also attract attention of anyone who is nearby.
Use anything you can find to send distress signals. Fire, flares, whistle, shouting etc. You can get creative.
If you are out of water, find some.
Make a shelter.
If you have any energy bars or anything else that is edible, then eat. If you have hunting skills and the gear, then hunt away! Just be sure you have knowledge of whatever you are hunting is safe to eat.

These are the best wilderness survival tactics. Just make sure you don’t exhaust and dehydrate yourself too much by running around if you want to make it out. And also, don’t let the fear of getting lost stop you and your passion for exploring. Remember, preparation is the key.

Do you have some good wilderness survival tactics?

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  1. In the article it says, “if you are out of water find some” after that it says build a shelter. You should build the shelter first and then look for water.

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