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What Is a Paracord Bracelet?

Paracord bracelet looks like another fashion accessory, but it’s way more than that. Decorative wear typically doesn’t usually do anything and paracord bracelet does a lot. You are wondering what is a paracord bracelet?

Paracord is actually a lightweight nylon rope that was used in the suspension lines of parachutes during World War II. But paracord was useful for far more than just a paratrooper missions. There’s thousands of uses for paracord that you didn’t even know about.

One of my favorite new uses, that I already wrote about, is paracord bracelet.

What Is a Paracord Bracelet?

A lot of people wear paracord bracelets for an emergency survival situation, but you still wonder if thy are actually useful? Check out this awesome video where Tim takes his apart to see how much cord there actually is.

Paracord bracelets serve many purposes – to make a fire, mend your gear, tie up a shelter with it… There is really a lot they can do.

The Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet: Food, Fire, Shelter (Large 7″-8.5″ Black with Compass)

If you are interested in this Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet you can buy it on this link: Buy here

A reliable online source of paracord is Amazon. They have a huge selection of cord in colors ranging from army green to pink. You can check some of them here:

If you don’t have money to buy it, you can even make your own paracord bracelet with a side release buckle. Just buy material (You’ll need paracord, or equivalent 1/8″ diameter cord, a tape measure or ruler, scissors, side release buckle, and a lighter), follow an easy tutorial and you will have your handmade paracord bracelet in no time. Simple as that.

I hope we explained well what is a paracord bracelet. If you have any questions, let us know.

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