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Surviving In The Wild – What Do You Need To Have

Every true outdoor survivalist needs to have gadgets that will keep him safe at any time. Emergency kits for disaster preparedness are a huge MUST BUY! To help you a little bit, we’ve gathered a list of equipment you need to have for surviving in the wild.

Surviving In The Wild – Everything You Need To Own To Survive In The Wild

Leknes Outdoor Survival Kits

surviving in the wild

This includes 18 different accessories to meet the needs in different survival environments. It’s a small size and easy to carry, so it can be placed in a backpack. You can use this for hiking, trekking, camping and any type of emergency situations.

SOL Origin Survival Kit and Essential Survival Tools

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With this kit you will have plenty of signaling available – the knife has a 100db whistle and a handy LED light. Also, the kit flips open to reveal a signaling mirror with a aiming aid. All three critical and useful.

Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit Knife

rothco survival kit knife

The Rothco 3235 Adventurer Survival Kit knife comes with fish line, hook, sinkers, band-aids, pencil, harpoon, signal mirror, Morse code, finger tip saw and more (matches not included). All of these items fit in the hollow handle of the knife. A threaded top with a built in compass screws into the knife handle to keep everything dry.


Outdoor Compact Chainsaw

Outdoor Compact Chainsaw

The saw is super compact (in the storage case it is smaller than most smartphones), so it packs virtually anywhere! Perfect equipment for surviving in the wild!

First Aid Kit

first aid kit

The First Aid Kit by Survival Hax is the ONE item you do not want to be without in any situation. This emergency survival bag fits everywhere.

Survivor Filter

survivor filter

Reusable filter with cleanable and replaceable internal filters – it last up to 264 gallons!

I am sure I forgot a lot. What would you add to the list to help you survive in the wild?

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