Red Rock Outdoor Gear Review

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Review – Large Assault Pack

For those of you who need something close to a mobile wardrobe, stop looking. Red Rock launched a larger version of the much in-demand Assault Pack and it is super amazing. Spacious and stylish, perfect for everyday use.

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Review

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Review

You can buy it here: Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack or on their page.

It has adjustable straps and 4 internal storage compartments; the smaller compartment on the front is ideal to store small important things like wallet, cell phone, sunglasses and other items that need to be close to reach.

The compartment below it is a little bigger and can be used to store small items too. The other two compartments are about 17 inches big and quite spacious. The front compartment has two mesh pockets as well as another pouch, so expect great organization. The total capacity of the pack is 35 liters.

It is very well stitched and can take the weight you put in. The zippers work smoothly without jamming. What I like about the bag most is that you can stuff it to its’ full capacity and use the compression straps to bring it back to its original shape. So your pack will not resemble a big belly.


Since the pack is particularly used for carrying heavy weight and on top of that the straps are well-padded, the straps tend to slide off the shoulder.
Overall, the pack has proven to have good value for money, great source of comfort, can pack everything I need and that too in an organized manner and has many colors to choose from according to your taste.

Red Rock lived up to its name and built a quality product which will last and can also take rough handling. I am definitely going to give one a thumbs up!

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