9 Gadgets Every Outdoor Survivalist Needs

1. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Review

It has adjustable straps and 4 internal storage compartments; the smaller compartment on the front is ideal to store small important things like wallet, cell phone, sunglasses and other items that need to be close to reach.

The compartment below it is a little bigger and can be used to store small items too. The other two compartments are about 17 inches big and quite spacious. The front compartment has two mesh pockets as well as another pouch, so expect great organization. The total capacity of the pack is 35 liters.

2. Adventure Medical Kits SOL Survival Tool

adventure medical kits

It comes with a built in knife that has a plastic handle. It is useful but not durable. It could hardly take any rough chopping or cutting but for the basics, it will do. If I were you, I’d go ahead and pack a heavy duty knife just in case.

There is a small LED on the knife to help you see in the dark. It is pretty small and low-intensity. I don’t reckon it could be used to send a light signal but it could be of use to see what you are cutting, read etc.


3.Leknes Outdoor Survival Kits

surviving in the wild

This includes 18 different accessories to meet the needs in different survival environments. It’s a small size and easy to carry, so it can be placed in a backpack. You can use this for hiking, trekking, camping and any type of emergency situations.

4. Outdoor Compact Chainsaw

The saw is super compact and comes with its own pouch, so it packs virtually anywhere! This pack also includes a fire starter. Perfect equipment for surviving in the wild!

5. Survival Watch

survival watch

This amazing all-in-one survival watch is something you should consider to take on a trip. It is equipped with compass, paracord, whistle, fire-starter, scraper and thermometer.

6. Multi Tool Set

multi tool

Equip yourself with multi tool set. It has adjustable screwdriver, wrench, jaw pliers and a razor-sharp blade. Made of stainless steel, it is very compact and easy to use.

7. Tactical Flashlight Knife

flashlight knife

Tactical flashlight knife is important thing to have at hand when you’re lost in the middle of the night. This multifunctional gear is equipped with knife, flashlight and attack hammer. The flashlight is 300 lumens strong lighting 500 feet long.

8. The Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet: Food, Fire, Shelter (Large 7″-8.5″ Black with Compass)

Paracord Survival Kit

This Paracord survival kit bracelet has a lot of cool stuff that can come handy in any situation. It has 16 piece survival kit contained inside of corba woven para-cord bracelet. When I received this bracelet I was surprised at how many tools were fit into the same small space as a regular para-cord survival bracelet.

9. Best Headlamp Flashlight with Red LED Light

best headlamp

Brilliantly bright headlamp. I can’t believe the amount of light this gives off. The dimming feature is great when you don’t need a lot of light. I love the red lights, they can really help in any emergency situation. There is also an SOS sequence that the lamp offers. The headband is wide and comfortable so you won’t have any trouble putting it on.

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