best mountain climbing gear

Best Mountain Climbing Gear

Mountain climbing or mountaineering is a widely popular sport. Mountaineers from all around the world prepare for it and take on the challenge of climbing some of the highest peaks every year. But if you are a beginner starting out, choosing the right mountain climbing gear is the most important aspect of mountaineering. This list is not restricted to beginners only; veterans can also find amazing additions to their mountain climbing gear here.

Best Mountain Climbing Gear

1. The North Face Jet Softshell Jacket

A soft-shell jacket is one of the most important layers of your upper body clothing when going climbing. The North Face Summit Series Jacket is designed especially for mountaineering and alpine climbing, and it is 100% windproof, providing protection against the elements wherever you are. Being a The North Face product, it promises utmost quality, utility and durability.

2. Outdoor Research Alti Gloves

Climbing in severe cold is difficult, and you need to keep your hands warm at all times to undertake more technical climbing challenges. The Outdoor Research Alti-Gloves will keep your hands warm all the way to the summit, and they are also waterproof. These gloves are tough and durable and allow for a greater degree of dexterity than others. A worthy addition to your climbing equipment.


3. Koflach Men’s Degre Mountaineering Boot

Buying the right boots for mountain climbing is essential. You need something that fits you well, to avoid hindrance while climbing, and something that has the best features to aid you in your adventure. The Koflach Degre Plastic Mountaineering Boots are the boots for you. These boots combine the support of rigid plastic with the walking and climbing comfort of soft, supple plastic to create a unique and perfect mountaineering experience without drawbacks.

4. Outdoor Research Men’s Crocodile Gaiters

You got your boots, but what about the rest of your legs? You need to protect them against branches and thorns while also making sure mud and snow doesn’t enter the boots. You need gaiters. Outdoor Research’s Crocodile Gaiters are the industry standard when it comes to mountaineering gear. They are tough, durable, waterproof and abrasion resistant, and one of the most effective gaiters on the market.

5. Irvis Crampon Flexlock 000 by Petzl boots

Crampons are attached to boots for ski mountaineering and glacier travel. One of Petzl’s great line of crampons, these have 10 points for varying purposes. Now climb with confidence in a variety of snowy and icy conditions; whether you are going uphill, traversing or descending, these crampons will aid you in the best way possible.

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