earthquake survival guide

Earthquake Survival Guide

Call it God’s punishment or the simple shifting of the plates, just the mention of the earthquake is nerve-wrecking. It is very hard to not panic and get yourself together, stay calm and work out a plan. It is close to impossible especially if you aren’t good at handling stressful situations. But it is close to impossible, not impossible.
In this very unpredictable case, knowledge and presence of mind is key. You need to be prepared with “what to do” and “what not to do” if you want to get through an earthquake. With that said, I wish you the very best and hope you make it.

Earthquake Survival Guide

So basically this is what you need to do:
1. You need to be prepared beforehand and the time to start it now. You never know when an earthquake might hit so you need a plan, practice the plan and explain it to the children.

2. Make a list of important phone numbers (family, friends, local authorities and other people you can reach when in trouble) and keep it in a safe place where you can find it easily while hurrying.

3. All you valuable documents need to be kept in one place and in one bag so that you can grab it if you need to evacuate.


4. Make earthquake supply pack and keep it in a place easy to reach. It should have a few supplies that could last you a couple of days. These include flashlight, batteries, battery powered radio, a few of your own needs, a change of clothes, shoes you can run comfortably in, medication and first aid.

5. If you are in the house, the stay inside unless the building is about to collapse. Get on your knees and take shelter under a table or something solid. Keep your head down and safe from falling objects.

6. If you are outside, then make sure you are in an open space away from poles and falling objects. Keep your head and neck down and keep moving.

7. Once the danger passes, make sure you get to some place safe in case the tremors are felt again.

These are just a few to mention for the Earthquake Survival Guide. You need to be prepared every minute of every day for something so unpredictable. Knowledge is key and be alert at all times during and after a quake.

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