5 Uses for Aluminum Foil in Survival Situations

When you are planning an outdoor adventure, be sure to bring along some helpful household items that may be useful during a survival situation. What types of items should you bring along? Large garbage bags, a wristwatch, and shoelaces can come in handy when used for shelter or help you find your way, but when it comes to Survival 101, one of the handiest items to bring along with you would have to be aluminum foil.

Here are 5 amazing uses for aluminum foil that you can use while camping or when you find yourself in a survival situation.

  • DIY Cookware

Aluminum foil is great to use while you are camping to line your grill, keep insects out of your food or wrap up utensils. But It can also be used to help you cook a wild game when you are lost in the woods. Always carry some extra foil in your pocket anytime you go hiking and need to fix an emergency meal. You can use the foil more than once if you’re careful, and as many people already know, the foil can be folded around your food to create an “oven” that will retain heat. This will help ensure that your fresh fish or freshly snared groundhog is cooked thoroughly if you like that sort of thing.

  • Signal for Help

Anything that reflects light will help you be seen by rescue teams, so if you have plenty of foil on hand, tear off strips and lay them where they will be exposed to the sun. You may also want to affix them to tree branches so that you can further guarantee that you will be seen. Just be sure to not use up your foil because it can help with many other areas of survival.

  • Boil Water Safety and Easily

A resource for boiling water is one of the greatest advantages that you can have while you are stranded in the woods. Aluminum foil can help disinfect your water so that it is safe to drink. You certainly don’t want to end up dehydrated while lost in the woods and drinking some of the water out there could lead to serious health issues. Avoid all of that by creating a small square or rectangular pot with the foil, which will be perfect for holding and heating water.

  • Fishing Lures

Did you lose your last fishing lure and now you have nothing left to catch dinner with? No worries, as long as you have some extra foil lying around. Just wrap it around a hook in the shape of a small minnow. The reflective material and the lightweight movement of the lure should help you catch some fish that will satisfy your hunger. This is a good tip for fishing in general and is a great way to avoid paying for those expensive lures.

  • Ideal for Repairs

Need a quick and easy way to patch things up while you are out on your own? If you happen to get a small pinhole in your water bladder, take a strip of foil and add some tree sap to it. It may not hold for your entire journey home, but it can be a temporary fix that may help you hold onto your precious water supply until help arrives.

The great thing about these survival tips is that you can easily practice them at home or during a family camping trip. Learning how to master these survival tips can be extremely beneficial if you love to go hiking in the great outdoors alone. So be sure to stock up on extra aluminum foil the next time you plan to rough it in the woods.

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